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Bridford Group is an investment group which deploys its permanent proprietary capital in a range of sectors, including music, tech, sustainability, lifestyle and biotech.
Bridford Group’s focus is on backing founder-led businesses with long-term growth potential, ideally those which promote societal or environmental welfare.  With no third-party investors, Bridford can take a patient, long-term view of investments.

Representative portfolio

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Amuse provides a data-driven digital distribution service for independent musicians.


Artone Group is a major physical music production and distribution business. The company was formed in 2022 through the merger of Bertus Group, Record Industry and Music on Vinyl.


Bactobio is screening bacteria to find new antibiotic and fungicidal compounds.

better dairy

Better Dairy is solving the challenge of making cheese without using animal products.


Classified Cycling is a Belgian cycle components manufacturer whose products include a wireless gear-shifting technology for the rear hub which replaces the front derailleur.


DISCO is a platform that allows anyone working with music, from artists to major labels, to manage and share their files easily.


Discogs is the pre-eminent marketplace for physical music, mostly vinyl.


Eco-Movement collates and sells data on electric vehicle recharging points.


Fanbytes, sold in May 2022 to Brainlabs, creates and plans marketing campaigns for major consumer brands on social media, aimed primarily at Generation Z.

Grabyo is a market-leader in cloud-based video production.

hudson river

Hudson River Biotechnology uses non-transgenic gene-editing technologies like CRISPR to produce better plants.


Lendable is a UK digital consumer-lending platform.


LenioBio is a life sciences biotech which is pioneering a novel protein-expression technology.


Meatable is developing lab-grown meat to reduce society’s dependency on livestock.


Northvolt is a Swedish next-generation lithium-ion battery manufacturer and recycler.

Penfold is a UK digital pensions provider.

poly materia

Imperial College spin-out Polymateria produces the world’s first recyclable and biodegradable plastic.

Solar Foods aims to produce edible protein from a naturally-occurring microbe which is fed with carbon-dioxide and hydrogen sourced using renewable electricity and air.


Touchlight is a British company concerned with the making of DNA.